Ahhh...Simple Pleasures

I watch little children receive extravagant presents for birthdays and holidays only to then see them discard them like yesterdays fad.
My mother, being the clever woman that she is, noticed this trend and decided to buy my niece and nephew something she knew they would enjoy.
On Christmas morning, they opened up a box of scotch tape, a flash light, bubble wrap and some old useless springs. They loved it and spent the entire day using their imaginations and random pieces of junk to go to the moon in a self made rocket ship.
If only we could all find joy in the simple things.



November 11, 2008 at 12:50 AM

Your Chirstmas story reminded me of when I was a kid. Growing up I had 14 brothers and sisters. There never seemed to be enough of anything, clothes, beds, most of all food. Back then charity was big, we went to Catholic school support by chairty, recieved food vouchers from the chruch and now for Chirstmas. The church would give my mom a bunch of gifts to share amongst all of us. On year, I remember getting a green bubble bath chirstmas ornament, and another Christmas, a twister game. It use to hurt me as a child when we would go back to school after the hoilday break and all the students would tell what they got for Chirstmas. Sometimes I would fib so not to be embraased. When I had my children I promised myself they would never do without food and always have a great Chirstmas, I spent thousands of dollars on toys.
As the years past, I regreted not putting that money in a savings for them. I realized it was such a waste because as you said, they played with it for maybe the first week after Chirstmas, then it just laid in the toy box. Can you visit my blogg grandmalovesme@blogspot.com and tell me what you think about my story?